Flush it Friday: Juneteenth & Bandcamp


You know those albums that’ve been sitting in your BC wishlist for 3 years? They’re so, so lonely. Rotting under a pile of 1,000+ “listen laters” does major damage to a record’s self-esteem, and there’s no better time to make up for your gross negligence than today. (I swear to all gods in the owl pantheon that I’m not thinking of any of our writers while flushing this out.)

All proceeds from albums purchased by midnight will go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund as part of Bandcamp’s Juneteenth Fundraiser, which you can learn about here. Support racial justice and support bands you love at the same time!? Even a bird-brain like myself can see that’s a sweet deal. Speaking of sweet deals, here’s some steaming hot #CONTENT from this week in the bowl!

365 ran to the bill$ in order to afford this Iron Maiden jacket stain:

Shirt Stains: Legacy Of The Battle Jacket

You can have some Mini Reviews, as a treat:

Mini Reviews From Around the Bowl (6/16/22)

365 spoke in the language of death with this premiere. I, for one, am fully Ensanguinated:

Track Premiere: Ensanguinate – Death Vernacular

Hans showcased the flowering talents of Tulip in this video premiere. Stop-motion look-alike CGI is one of the most terrifying things out there btw:

Video Premiere: Tulip – Creature, Not a Bug

Show them BC hauls below. And G/B/Us on the side. ~<3 Roldy

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