Premiere: Vaelmyst – “Ghoulish Delight”


If “Ghoulish Delight” were a dessert, it would be a pineapple upside-down cake: decadent, layered, and inverted (in the name of Satan). Behold this most sumptuous premiere.

Vaelmyst establishes this joyful blasphemy from the start with a quote from The Devils, a film largely focused on hedonism and corruption—apt companions for this track. The song’s core of mid-paced thrash is absolutely sodden with reverb, and listeners might drown if not for the bright melodies that flash through nerves like serotonin. (The receptors will take a pounding, along with whatever else might be in need of pounding.)

Groove metal and neoclassical shred may seem like strange bedfellows, but Vaelmyst sees every genre as an opportunity for conquest. (The more the merrier.) Even power metal rears its well-manicured head, replete with flowing locks, in an extended lead section. Tyler Sturgill’s (Xoth) guest solo is just a smaller cherry on top of the cherry on top of this indulgent stretch, and you’d be excused if you needed a moment to rest as the riffractory period sets in. I’m off to take a cold shower, but I leave you with some words from the band:

“Ghoulish is my personal favorite track off the album and is fueled by some of the weirdest and grooviest riffs we’ve written so far.  Also features a killer guest solo from our good friend Tyler Sturgill from XOTH. Hopefully this song gets your feet stompin and your neck breaking! Light your candelabras, crack open your favorite bottle of poison, and get ghoulish with some death metal delights!” 


-Ronny Lee Marks

Secrypts Of The Egochasm is out 8/13. Pre-order is on Bandcamp, and connect with them on Zuccbook.

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