TMP: Thy Art Is Murder, Moontooth, Everygrey, and More!


The news seems to have taken the week off, and so did I. Here’s what we were able to scrounge up.

New thrash from Dust Bolt.

New Altarage, album out in January.

New stuff from Thy Art Is Murder.

Evergrey has an album coming January 25, new track here.

  • Moontooth will be dropping something on us on Wednesday.
  • Converge is going to Australia.
  • New death punk from Nekrofilth.
  • Accept has appeared live and wants to prove it.
  • New Kenosis from an EP coming Friday.
  • New gross sounding stuff from Mastiff.
  • Battalions album is out Friday, one more track here.
  • Exhorder sign to Nuclear Blast.
  • Aether Realm sign to Napalm Records.
  • More new music from the upcoming Flotsam and Jetsam.
  • Bruce Dickinson was pro Brexit, if that matters to anyone.
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