TMP: Ithaca, Anal Trump, Psycroptic, and More!


It’s Monday! I’m burning a vacation day for no particular reason, so I’m probably still sleeping or slowly sinking into the couch for 12 hours.

New hardcore from Ithaca sounds solid. Get on it, Svalbard fans.

Amazing video for a new song from Raised By Owls.

Some new Sevendust.

  • Soen is planning on a February release for a new album.
  • Rock band that some people kinda sorta like, He is Legend released a song.
  • New song from a Dan Briggs’ project Nightmare Scenario.
  • Maryland Doom Fest has its 2019 lineup.
  • Opeth is doing not one but three beers. Is there some sort of legislation that requires a band co-signer on all new beers?
  • New Whitechapel.
  • Integrity covered Ozzy.
  • Anal Trump is back at it again. Let’s hope this side project doesn’t need to stick around too long.
  • New Lazer/Wulf dates.
  • One more Cripple Bastards track.
  • Prophets of Rage against the not releasing new music.
  • You ready for the Psycroptic album Friday? How about now?
  • I don’t know what a Carnal Forge makes, but here’s new music.
  • First bands for the Philly beer and metal fest.
  • Night Demon video.
  • New Nothing.
  • New single from Cellar Darling.
  • New Burning Witches, album out Friday.
  • New stuff from Within The Ruins.
  • Super lolbuttzy album cover on the new Flotsam and Jetsam.
  • What’s with these ultra wide videos? New from August Burns Red.
  • New Decembre Noir, album out Friday.
  • Vocalist from Kyuss has a solo project. It sounds like old music.
  • New single from Woorms.
  • Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Battle Beast North American tour.
  • Brock Lindow from 36 Crazyfists launched his own clothing company. K.
  • Go Fund Me set up for Saint Vitus‘ original bassist after his Parkinson’s diagnosis.
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