Get Ready to Have Some Fun with Teenage Blob


Things have been a bit much lately, haven’t they? I know on my end physical and emotional burnout have been the themes of the past few months, and it’s been exceedingly hard to get motivated to do much of anything, even things I once found enjoyable. If you’re feeling similarly, and you need something cute and fun to take your mind off things for a bit, I got contacted about the album Teenage Blob by the pop punk band The Superweaks, which is a simultaneous release with a game of the same name, and it is exceedingly charming.

On the music side, Teenage Blob brings a handful of polished and anthemic pop punk tunes, the kind that these days give me a big dose of nostalgia harkening back to my days of running around and getting in trouble with friends, stealing nail polish and eyeliner from Walgreens, staying up all weekend playing DDR and Final Fantasy or seeing a late night movie at the cinema downtown (and still having energy afterward), and just being in an altogether cozier time in my life.

These lads from Pennsylvania do bring a slightly more mature sound to the pop punk formula, though, with lyrics full of reflection and the chaos of getting older, and reflections on personal tragedy like in the final track, bolstered by deceptively upbeat-sounding instrumentals.

The game was done by Team Lazerbeam, and features one minigame for each track of the album, many drawing heavily on classics like Paper Boy and Battletoads, all coalescing around the story of wanting to see your favorite band, but having to work your butt off to get some new boots before the night of the show. It’s super cute, super fun, and only takes about 30 minutes to play through for a nice endorphin rush.

Check it out on Steam!

Check this one out, if you dig it the special edition of the game comes with a little zine.  Try to have a little fun where you can.

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