Toilet Radio 182: On the Road with Ron Varod


This week we’re joined by Ron Varod. Who is Ron Varod, you might ask? Maybe you know Ron from his solo project Zvi. Maybe you know him from his years in Kayo Dot. Maybe you know him from his recent work with our friends in Psalm Zero or Sabbath Assembly? Or if you’re 365 Days of Horror, maybe you’ve known him since Hebrew school. We’re talking with Ron about his many bands (including xSPINKICKx and bad-albums-only Metallica cover band SAINT FRANTIC). We’re listening as Ron tells us about getting death threats from The Banner and anti-semitism from Mayhem‘s Necrobutcher. But mostly, we’re learning what it takes to be a successful musician, touring the world in avant garde circles in 2k19. It’s a good ass episode and frankly you’d be foolish to miss this one, you fucking philistines.

Music featured on this show:
Zvi – “Dear Pink” from Deer Pink

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