TMP: Call of the Void, Nocturnus, Full of Hell, and More!


Too busy for wit, here’s the news as usual.

New Call of the Void sounds promising.

Amon Amarth is doing more of that stuff they do.

Does Full of Hell ever stop? Album out May 7.

New doom from Aseethe.

Nocturnus is back, album out May 24.

  • Pig Destroyer got a new bassist.
  • Did I mention Uada, Wormwitch, Cloak, dates?
  • Periphery did a full album preview instead of a new single. Don’t see that too often anymore.
  • New punky hardcore from Amygdala.
  • My optimism about new The Damned Things waned because of the opening, but it gets better I guess.
  • Enthroned is releasing a new on in June. First track.
  • More doom from Druids.
  • New Destrage isn’t bad, but I think I’m done with it.
  • Darkthrone are returning.
  • More hardcore from Tripsitter.
  • Deicide, Origin, Jungle Rot dates.
  • Horna had a show canceled cause they’re nazis .
  • Anneke Van Giersbergen 25th anniversary show.
  • Cult of Luna signed to Metal Blade.
  • Neckbeard Deathcamp US tour.
  • Alex Skolnick has had enough of James Woods’ shit on twitter.
  • New Death Angel, album out May 31.
  • Another new Grand Magus.
  • New Temple Koludra from Transcending Obscurity.
  • New Zvi (Kayo Dot).
  • Some new old school shit from Saint Vitus.

And the rest:

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