THEM – As Sage Burns: A Video Breakdown


Beware of Them!

Them! is a classic 1950’s science fiction monster movie. The film revolved around giant irradiated killer ants that terrorized the American Southwest and Los Angeles. It’s a classic monster movie that set the pace for a wave of nuclear monster movies and bug movies. These creature features are much beloved nowadays as they have a nostalgia from a bygone era and are highly influential in today’s horror scene. Wait, this isn’t the “Them” I’m supposed to be talking about? Fiiiine.

Them is “a theatrical Heavy Metal band comprised of stellar musicians from around the globe.” They’re still a relatively new band, having released their first full-length in 2016. Judging by their pictures, they really like to get theatrical. Let’s see if those theatrics translate to a music video. Let’s break it down!

I’d probably read a lot more if this is how I was introduced to books as a kid.


Each performance by Them comes with free roasted nuts.


Please, please, please tell me the skeleton is an official band member.


Nice to see SUNNO))) show up in other band’s music videos.


Dear spirit, please remember to flush the toilet after use. We won’t warn you again.


RIP your libido.


“It’s a living, folks!”


The same thing happens when you eat chili right before going to bed.


Stoner Metal bands are furiously taking notes.


I just want that skeleton to spout terrible bone-related puns like The Crypt Keeper.


I know it’s supposed to be smoke, but it really looks like stink lines.


This is what it was like when Joe read the drummer from Five Finger Death Punch’s autobiography.




THEM’s album Manor Of The Se7en Gables is available now via Steamhammer.

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