Toilet Radio 269 – Beyond the Darkness w/ Trevor Strnad


Making his triumphant hat trick appearance, The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad made us watch a depraved Italian flick for our continuing Halloween Spooktacular. Beyond the Darkness (a.k.a Buio Omega) is a Goblin-scored 1979 horror movie that, to quote Trevor, “Sucks!” That’s ok, we’re gonna keep watching garbage anyway. Join us as we talk nonsense plot points, unnecessary gore scenes, and plot points involving embalming that leave us all perplexed. Additionally, we talk about knuckledragging death metal, his band’s changing production ethos, and a mom hiring him on Cameo to scold a bad son. It’s a good one, folks. Btw, Trevor’s gaming Twitch stream will return soon. Follow him on Twitter to see get the latest.

Next week: We’ve got a very special episode for you. Wanna be prepared? Go watch Mausoleum – available on Shudder and Prime right now.

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