Toilet Radio 489 – Impotent Legal Threats


This week on Toilet Radio: Solar eclipse! Meyers Briggs! A Gen-X listener sends us an email about the heavy metal discovery habits of the youths! DJ Ashba, a 51-year old Las Vegas street magician, tried to threaten us with legal action via email! Chris Barnes quit smoking weed! Billy Corgan and Fred Durst are teaming up with Bill Maher to make awful podcasts! Liquid Death is back and stinking up the news with more venture-backed marketing designed to hijack the cultural output of actual artists! Finally, some Swedish guy figured out how to manipulate Spotify’s Chill Beats to Beat Off To playlists to make some fat stacks of cash as hundreds of fake pseudonyms! Folks, it is an episode.

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Music featured on this ‘sode: 
Hemorrhoid– Exogenous Intestinal Blockage

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