Toilet Radio 323 – I would like some fluoride, please


On this episode: Buncha big ol babies afraid of blood and needles! / SOULFLY DRAMA: Max doesn’t own a phone(?) and that might have caused a bit of a rift with Mark Rizzo. Also, don’t hire your significant other as your band manager. / SENTIENCE IS A JOKE / Tommy Vext’s new beat: Anti-semitism! Feat: An original Breno composition. / Scott “Wino” Weinrich wants you to open your mind. The goddamn HAARP machine fucked up my house. / FLUORIDE! / Maryland Deathfest 2022 is the most stacked goddamn fest lineup I’ve seen in a minute. Let’s hope it happens!

Music featured on this sode:
What Awaits UsAscend (Remake)

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