TMP: Slow News Week, Imperial Triumphant, Obscura, and maybe some other stuff!


I am contractually obligated to bring you at least 30 pieces of news per week, but just about everything that has happened over the past few days has been so boring that…uh…some of this may not be totally real.

Bloodstock Open Air Fest seems to be at least 75% shitty this year, IMO.

Check the new song from Imperial Triumphant.

This new Lago song is literally the only other thing I can bring myself to feature this week.

  • Goatwhore is touring the US with Arch Enemy.
  • Upcoming Dying Fetus, Carnifex, Toxic Holocaust, Venom Prison European tour.
  • Dead Cross released a surprise EP.
  • Meshuggah are performing at the Golden Gods thing.
  • Obscura teased a new album.
  • Mastodon members decided HBO cameos were more important than making music, and so retired from the band to audition for Westworld season 3.
  • There’s a new Svalbard track on Spotify.
  • New Exmortus video.
  • A Tool member said something to a media person and every music blog wrote five posts about it.
  • Yet another new Alkaloid track. I feel like we’ve heard the whole thing already.
  • Joey DeMaio bought a house, plans to move in soon.
  • New song from Lesser Throne.
  • The worst thing you’ll hear this week, unless you heard the new FFDP song, is this guy right here from Core 10.
  • Another day, another canceled Marduk show.
  • Devin Townsend announced the simultaneous re-release of his entire remastered back catalog along with two live albums and seven new EPs.
  • This fest in Salt Lake City has some good bands.
  • New video from Kataklysm.
  • Aborted live video.
  • The guy behind Ghost did a second unmasking, revealing, in Scooby Doo fashion, that it has been Varg Vikernes this whole time!
  • New song from Lucifer, the band, not the demon.
  • Comeback Kid covered a Midnight Oil song.
  • New Madball song.
  • New Alice in Chains video.
  • New song from Midnattsol.
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