Sunday Sesh: Let’s talk about this new Morbid Angel song


Morbid Angel’s latest tour may be bizarrely missing any hits from the Evil D era, but it’s certainly not lacking on twisted Azagthoth riffs. Earlier this week, the Florida legends, once again with Tucker at the helm, debuted a new song from the as yet untitled upcoming full length. How did it sound? Rad. As Hell.

“Warped,” in many ways, sounds like Gateways to Annihilation revisited. It’s got discordant Azagthoth riffs paired with a crunchtastic rhythm section. It’s got drunken cadence kick drums. It swirls and bends and, uh, warps, and if you had any worries about how new Tucker material might sound after the legendary misstep that was Illud Divinum Insanus, fret not. This song sounds as deranged as anything the venerable old guard has ever penned.

One of the things that had me most curious was how new jacks Scott Fuller and Dan Vadim Von would fill the rather sizable shoes of Morbid Angel’s veterans. Thankfully, if “Warped” is anything to go by, both Fuller and Von are up to task. Fuller’s drumming especially sounds huge as he teeters dangerously between riotous double-bass and mid-paced groove; “Warped” is heavy, and more than a sizable portion of that heft is due to Fuller’s capable hands and feet. Similarly, Von seems able to bend those strings with the best of them, and I have no concerns about him paying tribute to the classic Tucker material.

Honestly, I can’t wait to hear the new record. I may be in the minority, though. What do you think of the new track? Are you stoked? Do you think it’s weird people still care about Morbid Angel in 2017? Are you more excited about new Incantation music? Sound off in the comments below.


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