Toilet Radio 373 – Maryland Deathfest (2003-2022)


THIS WEEK ON TOILET RADIO: We got a lovely email from a listener asking, “So what exactly do I do with the information that Matt Pike is big time into antisemitic conspiracy theories?” We’re also talking about what was the final Maryland Deathfest(?) including: Will Rahmer’s Big Weekend Out, people doing gross shit, barricades burst, beer shortages, and a death in the middle of a festival. Can’t say I blame the organizers for calling it quits. Exhorder has a new guitarist: Pat O’Brien, formerly of Cannibal Corpse. Weird! Akhlys got mad about not being included in the festivities and had to look up some synonyms about it. Finally, Prosthetic Records is now sponsoring our favorite soccer team: The Glossop North End Football Club. Everyone knows we’ve been lifelong fans of this club so it’s a nice surprise.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Cave In Blood Spiller

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