Flush It Friday: Streptococcus? No Thank Yah-cocccus!


Howdy friends. It is Friday afternoon which means it’s time to get all of the bad vibes out and spinkick the weekend in the neck.

This week I’ve gotta give a massive FLUSH to streptococcal pharyngitis. That’d be strep throat to you Latin-ign’ant wretches. I woke up Monday morning feeling weaker than Oklahoma beer. This wasn’t entirely unexpected; I split my time the day before between working out and drinking, a combination that has no winner. I managed to shamble to my office and shiver and shake and sweat though the day before getting home and collapsing in a pathetic heap. Fast forward to today and I’ve gone though a few fist-fulls of OTC meds, some plague-grade antibiotics, sweated through two sets of sheets, and watched the first two seasons of Friday Night Lights (don’t judge me, your brain does weird things at a 104-degree fever). Now that I’m mostly better I’ve got a pile of work in front of me that I didn’t do because I was sicker than all hell. FLUSH IT ALL.


Gas is cheap, year-end lists are mostly done, and High on Fire have announced a new record AND a tour! Hot dog!

We don’t have much info on High on Fire’s follow-up to 2012’s De Vermis Mysteriis other than the fact that it is a real thing and it’ll be out in 2015. And that’s good enough for this hombre. Just announced tour dates are below:

January 6      Birmingham, AL         Zydeco

January 7      West Columbia, SC    New Brookland Tavern

January 8      Richmond, VA           The Broadberry

January 9      Brooklyn, NY             Saint Vitus Bar

January 10    Hartford, CT              Webster Underground

January 11    Portland, ME              Port City Music Hall

January 13    Poughkeepsie, NY     The Loft at The Chance Theatre

January 14    Providence, RI           Simon’s 677


It’s an open swim below but if you wanna play along, let us know what’s eating at your Gilbert grapes and follow it up with a positive vibe! WEEKEND!

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