This Toilet Tuesday (8/25/2014)


This week we don’t have a whole lot to report. This is just like any other regular bowel movement. It comes and goes, and there’ nothing really noteworthy. No corn. No blood. Just the same ol’ same ol’. Still I hope you find something you’ll enjoy. Props to Spear for sloggin’ through the sewage and doing all the heavy pushin’.

Blood of Kingu – Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon (Season of Mist) [Black Metal]

I dig Blood of Kingu. They have a certain menacing swagger to their blend of BM and incorporate death metal stylings with their otherworldy riffs. Their last albums were definite heavy hitters, so I’m mirin’ the gainz these bruisers have been laying down. If you like your metal Bablylonian-influenced with Lovecraftian lyrics, you’ll dig Blood of Kingu. (W.)


Astral Doors – Notes from the Shadows (Metalville) [Heavy Metal] 

Autumn’s Dawn – Gone (Independent) [DSBM]


Bastard Sapling – Instinct is Forever (Forcefield) [Black Metal]


Blackwolfgoat – Drone Maintenance (Small Stone) [Drone]

Listen to “Cyclopean Utopia”  

Bleeding Corpse – Prepare to Suffer (Groupies Merch) [Brutal Death Metal] 

Blister Unit – Stupid, Yet Agile (Independent) [Crust/Powerviolence, allegedly] 

Church of the Dead – Vol. 4 Meet Me in the Tomb (Nightlust) [Death Metal]

Listen to “The Reckoning (Abyss pt. 2)” 

Creation’s End – Metaphysical (Pure Steel) [Prog Metal]

Listen to “Bivariate” 

Crimson Shadows – Kings Among Men (Napalm) [Melodeath]

Listen to “Rise to Power” 

Daarchlea – Suns (Independent) [Symphonic Black Metal]

Listen to “The Great Extinction 

Death Vomit – Forging a Legacy (Armstretch) [Brutal Death Metal] 

Decaying – New Order (Hellthrasher) [Death Metal] 

Display of Decay – Outbreak of Infection (Independent) [Death Metal]


Dungortheb – Extracting Souls (Great Dane) [Death Metal

Listen to “Sad War” 

Earth Rot – Follow the Black Smoke (Independent) [Grindcore]

Listen to “Hunger”  

Endname – Demetra (Slow Burn) [Doom]


Famous Last Words – Council of the Dead (InVogue) [Metalcore]


Fimbulvet – Frostbrand – Eines Bildnis Tracht (Nocturnal Empire) [Pagan/Folk Metal] 

Flashback of Anger – TSR (IceWarrior) [Power Metal]


Force of Darkness – Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness (Hell’s Headbangers) [Black Metal]


Fördärv – Between the Eternities (Nigredo Records) [Black Metal]

Listen to “Embracing the Endless”  

Fuck You and Die – Elements of Instability (Independent) [Tech Death]

Listen to “Self-Inflicted Suffocation” 

Gargoyle – Geshiki (First Cell) [Prog Thrash] 

GodHater – Blasphemia (Satanath) [Black Metal]


Helsott – Woven (Independent) [Pagan/Folk Metal]

Kadar – Infidel (Metal Scrap) [Death/Thrash] 

Lord Andras – Alex… (Depressive Illusions) [Black Metal] 

Manigance – Volte-Face (Verycords/Avalon Marquee) [Power Metal]


The Matador – Destroyer (Independent) [Prog Metal]


Ominous – You Created Tragedy (Born of Chaos) [Death Metal]

Listen to “Forget”  

Opeth – Pale Communion (RoadRunner) [Prog Rock]


Pay No Respect – Hope for the Hopeless (In at the Deep End) [Hardcore]


Perceptionist – Evolve (Independent) [Prog Metal]

Listen to “Evolve”

Phobiatic – Fragments of Flagrancy (CD release- Unundeux) [Tech Death]


Polyptych – Illusorium (Independent) [Death Metal] 

Riot V – Unleash the Fire (Steamhammer) [Heavy Metal] 

Sagittarius – Fragmente IV: Abraxis (Cold Spring) [Neo-classical/Folk]

Listen to “Im morgen-taun”  

Satarial – Lunar Cross (Satanath) [Folky… something]

Listen to “Horned One”  

Short Fuse – The Force of Hate (Independent) [Melodeath/Electronic]

Listen to “The Rotting Within” 

Sloths – Twenty Years (Illuminasty) [Hardcore] 

Solace of Requiem – Casting Ruin (ViciScolum) [Blackened Tech-Death]

Listen to “Soiling the Fields of Purity” 

Sólstafir – Ótta (Season of Mist) [Post-Rock/Metal]

Listen to “Ótta”  

Striker – City of Gold (Napalm) [Power Metal]

Listen to “City of Gold”  

Suicide Watch – The Alienation Zone (Slaney) [Thrash]


Sviatibor – La Foi du Ancêtres (Primal Relics) [Atmospheric Black Metal]


The Haunted – Exit Wounds (Century Media) [Death Metal]

Listen to “Cutting Teeth” 

Troldhaugen – Obzkure Anekdotez for Maniakal Massez (Bird’s Robe) [Comedy/Folk Metal]

Listen to “Día del Chupacabra” 

Unearthly – The Unearthly (Shinigami) [Blackened Death Metal]

Listen to “The Sin Offering” 

Voyag3r – Doom Fortress (Bellyache) [Synth Rock]


Wolf – Devil Seed (Century Media) [Heavy Metal]

Listen to “My Demon” 


Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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