Toilet Radio 433 – The Great Leap Forward


This week on Toilet Radio we’re comparing and contrasting the very beginning with the most recent output of a whole shit ton of bands. FEATURED: Linkin Park used to be Xero (sans Chester) / Dredg used to be nu metal as FUCK before going sensitive / Pantera was writing songs with the same lyrical themes back when they were glam / Before there was Type O Negative, before there was Carnivore, there was FALLOUT and it kinda sounded like DEVO / Bad Religion’s ill-fated flirtation with prog rock / Semargl goes from forgettable blackened death metal to unforgettably bad electropop / Avatar used to be Gothenburgcore before going Ladiesandgentlemenwave / Sentenced went from killer slow death metal to sultry jammies / Amorphis and Paradise Lost discover keyboards and Matchbox 20, respectively / The Baroness and Mastodon demos show clear signs of where each of these bands would go / Ulver‘s long transition from black metal to synthpop / Carcass started as a grindcore band before inventing like four different genres of metal / Gojira‘s original demo recorded when the band were teens is extremely fucking rad. Folks, it’s a jam-packed show.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
A lot

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