Flush it Friday: Bookstalgia


A recent discussion in the #Literature channel on TovH Discord got me thinking: there were several book series that shaped my interest in reading and writing, and I hadn’t given them much thought recently. Besides the well-known Redwall series, Jane Yolen’s Pit Dragon Chronicles was instrumental in my development as a reader. Along with, you know, being about dragons, the trilogy includes a frank look at caste systems and children born into debt bondage. These sociopolitical themes were discussed in a blunt, straightforward style that never condescended to the (supposedly) young audience. Plus, look at how siqq this artwork from the second novel, Heart’s Blood is! How could a young owl possibly resist?

And how could you possibly resist this Toilet content?

Our v gud boi (and Discord mod!) Puddnutz conducted the hype-train for the latest release from Dan Terminus:

Review: Dan Terminus – Last Call for All Passengers

IGoM sliced through a sludge steak with this look at Mastodon’s Medium Rarities compilation:

Mastodon’s Medium Rarities and the Case of the Curious Compilation

Brandon Corsair told us the story of Blasphematory. It’s a filthy one!

Review: Blasphematory – Depths of the Obscurity

365 reminded us all to wear masks, even if it has to be one of these monstrosities:

Shirt Stains: Masks

Did you have any book series that were particularly important to you growing up? Plz discuss along with your G/B/Us. Or I will peck you.

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