This Toilet Tuesday (8/5/2014)


Greetings, denizens of the mighty bowl. I preside like Great Caesar from my porcelain throne, doling out flushes and wipes as the crowd demands. The loyal praetorians Flushgod Apocalypse, Deputy Dipshit, Spear, and Jack Bauer have rounded up quite the collection of worthy gladiators, and now they vie for your attention in the bowl. Which of these steaming piles remind you of that spicy Thai food you shouldn’t have eaten as a left-over the next morning, and which are the diamond-encrusted doo-doos. Are you not entertained? Who gets the flush?

Alestorm – Sunset on the Golden Age (Napalm) [Pirate Metal]

Listen to “Drink”

Everyone’s favorite pirate-metalers are back! Sunset on the Golden Age is more of what you’ve come to love from Alestorm – beer-soaked, battle-infused folk metal. The band does not step much from their comfort zone, but why would they? Pirates love booze, treasure, and fighting – and a pirate’s life is the life for Alestorm! (Flushgod Apocalypse)


Cold World – How the Gods Chill (Deathwish Inc.) [Hardcore]


I was unaware of Cold World before streaming How The Gods Chill, but after 13 tracks of groove-oriented tough-guy goodness, I wanted to shout the lyrics from the top of my lungs with my best mates. Even the hip-hop nods are awesome; when you spend a better part of your day listening to blast-beats, a fiery verse rapped over heavy-as-balls guitar riffing can easily be welcomed with open arms. (Flushgod Apocalypse)



Entombed A.D. – Back to the Front (Century Media) [Death Metal]

Listen to “Vulture and the Traitor”

With this incarnation of Entombed, I am left with an overall indecisive and unsure feeling.  Having listened to the two tracks they released as an appetizer before Back To The Front makes its official release tomorrow, Vulture and the Traitor trumps Bedlam Attack, in my opinion.  But after sampling both tracks I am left with a big question mark as to whether this album will deliver or fizzle.  My gut is telling me I’ll continue fanboying Clandestine, Left Hand Path, and Wolverine Blues and that’s where it will end, but it is certainly possible this album is “a grower, not a shower”.  Do you see a porcelain water-swirl in their future? (Deputy Dipshit)



Mouth of the South – Struggle Well (Facedown) [Mallcore]

Listen to “Good Intentions” 

Nothing new here. Re-hashed, generic, predictable Rise Records wannabes that gallop, chug, and pristinely sing their way through each track. For the more spiritual of the Toilet dwellers, you may find some solace in their uplifting lyrics. As for myself, I’m still unsure as to why I’m writing this blurb, other than to warn you to completely dismiss anyone who mentions this band. 5/5 flushes. (Flushgod Apocalypse)


Pathology – Throne of Reign (Pathology Music) [Brutal Death Metal]

Listen to “Harvest”

I love me some brutal death metal.  Can you understand the lyrics?  Fuck no!  But you don’t really need to be able to decipher the gurgly gutterals to be able to comprehend the savagery that Pathology brings to the table with “Throne of Reign.”  The album boasts better production than many of their contemporaries, but it’s not the razor-sharp overproduction that so many tech-death groups have.  The result is a pleasantly meaty tone in all aspects of the sound.  What really counts is the music, of course, and the songs on “Throne of Reign” would have been excellent regardless of production value.  The riffage is tight, the solos are wicked, and the drums will leave you beaten and battered. (Spear)


Saturn – Ascending (Live in Space) (Rise Above) [Heavy Metal]


Thanks to a generous A.V. Club, Ascending (Live in Space) is streaming for our pleasure before release.  Immediately with opening track “So, You Have Chosen Death”, I am transported back to the 70’s, cruising around in my 69′ AMC Javelin and flooring that fucker down the highway, chasing down the night sky, toking on a fresh doobie and loving the fact that I am alive.  I always genuinely appreciate music that can take me away like a vivid dream or a good trip down through an alternate world inside my head.  Any fans of 70’s blues/stoner rock/metal or that sound in particular should really give this one a shot.  I’d have to say the other great part about this is that it’s my first exposure to Saturn, ever, and they’ve already left quite an impression. Don’t take my word for it though… Cheggit Out! :p (Deputy Dipshit)


Other New Releases:

Akem Manah – Demons of the Sabbat (Possession/Freak Metal) [Doom] 8/8/14

Anal Necropsy – Anal Necropsy (Independent) [Grindcore/Powerviolence] 8/4/14

Belphegor – Conjuring the Dead (Nuclear Blast) [Blackened Death Metal]
Listen to “Conjuring the Dead”

Big Black Cloud – Lessons in Fuck You 2 (Eolian Empire/Stankhouse) [Punk/Noise] 8/5/14
Listen to “Open Eye/Yadnus Kcalb” 

Black Trip – Goin’ Under (Prosthetic) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Eyes of the Night

Capture the Crown – Reign of Terror (Artery) [Mallcore]

Columns – Please Explode (Relpase) [Grindcore]

Costra – Entropia (Independent) [Death Metal/Hardcore] 8/4/14

Darkest Hour – Darkest Hour (Sumerian) [Mallcore]

Drakum – Around the Oak (single – Independent) [Folk Metal] 8/4/14

Eluveitie – Origins (Nuclear Blast) [Folk Metal]

Fragments of the Orient – Somewhere Outside the Present Human Sphere (Independent) [Progressive/Instrumental]

Hercyn/Thera Roya (split) – All This Suffering is Not Enough (Independent) 8/5/14

Holy Tongues – Weak People (Melotov) [Post-Punk/Hardcore] 8/5/14
Listen to “92” 

Lelahell – Al Insane… The (Re)Birth of Abderrahmane (HPGD) (Death Metal)

Matayus – Abide Inn Darkness (Independent) [Black Metal] 8/4/14

Mysarium – Minimalist (Independent) [Djent] 8/3/14

Nachtmystium – The World We Left Behind (Century Media) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Tear You Down” 

Nerguth – Nos Habetit Humus (Independent) [Ambient/DSBM] 8/3/14

Ommadon – V (vinyl – Independent) [Drone] 8/4/14

Omnilarity – Beneath (Independent) [Instrumental/ Progressive] 8/3/14

Operation Cunt Destroyer – Operation Cunt Destroyer (demo) (Independent) [Slam] 8/3/14

Oubliette – Apparitions (Independent)

Samsara – The Lincoln Conspiracy (Independent) [Metalcore] 8/3/14

Shadow of the Torturer – Dronestown (Memento Mori) [Doom Metal]

Spiral Shades – Hypnosis Sessions (Riding Easy) [Doom] 8/5/14
Listen to “Illuminati”

To Set Ablaze – The Life We Lead (Autumn + Color) [Toilet Music] 8/5/14
Listen to “Eighty Eight”  “The Years of My Life”

V.R.P.I. – Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferi (Memento Mori) [Death Metal]

Vaiya – Remnant Light (Natural World) [Black Metal] 8/8/14

Vardan – Enjoy of Deep Sadness (Moribund) [DSBM] 8/5/14
Listen to “Enjoy of Deep Sadness”

Wovenwar – Wovenwar (Metal Blade) [Elevator Toilet Music]
Listen to “All Rise”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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