Toilet Radio 474 – What The?


This week on Toilet Radio: We’re prematurely celebrating 10 years of Toilet / Blue Ridge Rock Fest patrons may or may not ever get a refund on their tix, depending on how the insurance companies feel about acts of god vs employee walkouts. / The government gave KoRn millions of dollars and that’s fuckin’ tight. / Slipknot is falling apart / Greg Ginn is trying to milk some cream off the corpse of Black Flag. / Alex Terrible of Slaughter to Prevail kinda half-way acknowledges that he hangs out with fascists and gets fascist tattoos. And, thanks to Ash from Sumerian, he can now tour in Europe. Folks, it’s a good one.

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Music featured on this ‘sode:
Narzissus – Empor zum Ideal (Pre-order Akt III: Erlösung here)

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