Flush It Friday: Old & Tired Edition


*yawns, forever*

Insomnia sucks. Getting old is lame. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep helps you stay feeling young. So just go to sleep and don’t get old, stupid.

Good: This week’s TovH podcast was really fun to listen to. I’m not one who sleeps with a dragon waifu pillow with the latest Falsettoforce album on repeat, but I’ll be damned if hearing the guys sit down and chat with Brittney from Unleash The Archers didn’t make for one of my favourite episodes to date. Also had some genuine burst out laughing moments with Jordan and Joe’s blasé ripping on Lars and Newsted. Taking the piss out of Lars will never not be funny. Also thought the sinister new instrument Dubya found during the week was metal as fuck, even if the first thought that went through my mind reading that name when he sent it over was ‘GeneriCore Myspace Prog/Djent band’. I mean c’mon, the insanely demented sounds it conjures surely deserve something with a little more dignity than ‘The Apprehension Engine’.

Bad: Not getting enough sleep is shithouse. No more details required.

Ugly: While planning a surprise Saturday morning picnic to the local park today, I realised I was planning a surprise Saturday morning picnic to the local park. In less than one year since becoming a lame-Dad, I have traded looking forward to yet another weekend of perpetual intoxication with sitting on a rug of some description and watching a child touch grass with a sort of reverence one would typically reserve for the most life-changing spiritual event. The change was swift. Ostensibly overnight I had morphed from a youthful reprobate with a penchant for weekend mind-alteration into a banal level-11 Dad incarnate. Game over.

Metal: Bought a bunch of new (and some old) music the past few weeks. Ancient Crypts was one such record. Not sure how I’d gone so long without hearing this one, but it’s a solid little EP of deranged death metal. Featuring members of infernal thrashers Invincible Force and Unaussprechlichen Kulten, the Chilean band are yet another example of why South America is essentially unmatched when it comes to exhibiting primal intensity in metal. Having the Chilean equivalent of Martin van Drunen on vocals certainly adds extra weight behind the hurricane of haymakers this thing hurls over its 20 minute run-time. The doomy first half of the intro track has a nice Obliteration feel to it as well.

Anyway, if aggressive death metal isn’t your thing or you just want to catch up on what we’ve covered this week on the site then here’s your Weekly Wipe playlist. Check it out and find something more your style, like aggressive death metal. You fucken’ poser.

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