FLUSH IT FRIDAY: There’s a Party on Discord and it’s Dyn-o-mite


So last summer, those of us who hang out on the Toilet ov Hell discord server (read: shitpost near the speed of light) were bored and started something called Tunes ‘n Tell (T’nT) where every other Wednesday we vote on a topic and all submit songs related to that topic and listen to them on a big call together adding color commentary for our song picks and enjoying each person’s take on that theme.  Well last Wednesday was our 26th time doing it, which means it’s our one year anniversary, and I thought why not extend an invite to the good people who interact with the Terlet through lesser means like the Facebook and Disqus.  If you’d like to join in on the party and get your seat for the mid-week bacchanal in two weeks (June 22nd), email toiletovhell@gmail.com for an invite link.  If you’d like to peruse some past topics and song picks, we keep a spreadsheet like trve metal nerds.

Now some other trve metal nerd shit from the Toilet this week

Our golden boy 365 drops some rippin melodeath from some ex-Scar Symmetry budz (get it?!)

EP Premiere: Pre-Human Vaults – “Allegiance Divine”

The Boiz (sans-365) crank out another episode of that toilet podcast we don’t speak of, commiserating on the horror of finding band members on Craigslist that don’t wanna murder you

Toilet Radio 374 – Craigslist Bands

Our guy Spear returns to his typical Tuesday cadence once again, and the universe rewards us with… another Striborg release >_>

This Toilet Tuesday (6/7/22)

Are you gonna be there for our next T&T?  You better be!  Unless you’ve got important things to do or whatever, we’ll understand.  In the mean time, hit me up with your G/B/U‘s below

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