Toilet Radio 475 – Hells Bells: The Dangers of Rock N’ Roll


This week on Toilet Radio we watched 1989 Christian documentary Hell’s Bells: The Dangers of Rock N’ Roll. Jordan and I sat down and watched all three hours of this thing so we could bring you the choicest nugs of a film that, quite honestly, has a firmer grasp on obscure kvlt heavy metal history than your average Metal Archives dipshit. Hosted by Eric Holmberg of Reel to Reel Ministries, Hell’s Bells present a 5-part warning of the battle for your teen’s soul as the foul forces of Satan infect the music of Celtic Frost, King Diamond, Diamanda Galas, Current 93, and George Michael. Join us as we backmask messages, flip through the Satanic Bible, get confirmation of demonic influence from “respected law enforcement officers” and get in on a lil’ Satanic panic. It’s a good one. Want to watch the documentary yourself? It’s available here!

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Music featured on this ‘sode:
Resin Tomb Dysphoria

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