Toilet Radio 490 – Nü Alternative


This week on Toilet Radio: We’re honing in on a style of 90’s-esque rock n’ roll that we’ve termed Nü Alternative. Though loosely categorized themselves as “grunge”, “shoegaze”, “post-hardcore” and a variety of other subgenres, we propose that all of these bands could fall under our umbrella of turn-of-the-century-big-ass-riff-ass-rock. We’re talking about left-of-the-dial, unapologetically guitar-based rock with roots stuck deep in the pre-internet days. Join us for a celebration of righteous jams.

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Music featured on this ‘sode:
Fleshwater – The Razor’s Apple
Entropy – Deathspell 
Greet Death – Panic Song
ASkySoBlack – Waiting for a Hearse 
Narrow Head – Sunday 

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