Toilet Radio 427 – The Highwayman of Coachella


This week on Toilet Radio: Jordo watches meaty men slapping meat / Power Trip: the Festival might be the biggest rip-off we’ve ever seen. Let’s explore this extremely poorly-named heavy metal festival that’ll happen this fall where they do Coachella. / The Keep Metal Dangerous crowd should try experimenting with K2. / Avenged Sevenfold smoked DMT with a shaman and came up with an exciting new way to give Ticketmaster more money. / Joe is the CEO of the Liquid Death water company now. / Mick Mars, the only halfway decent person in Motley Crue has decided to go scorched earth on the dickheads that have hampered him for 40 years. Folks, it’s a good one. 

Music featured on this ‘sode:
SkinherYou Are Next!

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