Toilet Radio teaches you how to destroy your life


Ever wanted to just completely fuck up your entire life? Joe, 365, and our favorite weirdo avant-garde metal musician, Christian Molenaar, are here to teach you how to utterly destroy your comfortable existence in pursuit of music stardom. Do you have a house and a car? Sell them. Max out your credit cards. If you really believe in yourself you’ll go at least $227,000 in debt – just like YouTube rap sensation Unkle Adams. On this very special episode we’re talking about the economics of being an extremely online musician and how a dorky Canadian rapper is awfully similar to Taake. You don’t wanna miss this one.

If you like weird shit you should stay up to date with Christian and his band Those Darn Gnomes on Facebook and Bandcamp. His songs are way too long to play on this show.

Music featured on this show:
Oblivionized – “Life is a Struggle, Give Up” from Life is a Struggle, Give Up (Facebook)(iTunes)

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