Riff Of The Week: 2010 Edition


Riffs from Immolation, Kvelertak, Nekromantheon, Morowe, Nevermore, and Black Sleep Of Kali.

Last week we had a tight battle between one of the Goatwhore submissions and a new banger from Azath. In the end it came down to just a few votes but more were willing to have a go at Goatforest’s Goatwhore, who’re they?

This week we asked for riffs from 2010
Here’s what you sent in…

Cosmic Cabbage, the Hydroponic Spawn
Kvelertak – ‘Blodtorst’ (Riff @ 0:48)

This song bangs like a toddler with a spoon and saucepan from moment zero, from drum lead into that opening riff and the gang vocals, but for my meager budget, you realize that this song is going to shatter teeth indiscriminately when that nice palm muted transition drops you ass-first into that sickass lead & tambourine/sparse drum part. It’s the moment in a movie when a rowdy night at the bar turns into a full-on brawl. I could fistfight a bear to this lick.

Nevermore – “The Termination Proclamation” (Riff @ 0:00)

Hi, my name is Holdeneye, and I’m a Nevermoroholic. If a Nevermore riff qualifies, I feel compelled to submit it. I’m sorry for any harm this has caused you, and I hope I can one day make amends. In the meantime, just let yourself be pulverized by this Loomis riff.

Immolation – “The Purge” (Riff @ 0:00)

This album – also my introduction to Immolation – is >>>>>>>>>>>>>. The first riff after the intro goes from 0-60 instantaneously! This stuff was mind-bending when I discovered it a decade ago, still whips sack to this day.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Black Sleep of Kali – “Cries of the Crow” (Riff @ 3:49)

Originally part of their ’09 demo, this track got re-released as part of Black Sleep of Kali’s totally overlooked and absolutely killer 2010 album ‘Our Slow Decay’. This is a fuckin’ riff worth hooverin’ off Theodore Tugboat’s baseball cap. <3 <3 <3

Morowe – ‘Tylko piekło, labirynty i diabły’ (Riff @ 0:09)

Or go to 4:48 for the same but with no build-up and added pleasure when they “say” the title of the song in the song.

Nekromantheon – ‘Devolutionary Storms’ (Riff @ 0:51)

Thrash till death.

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