Toilet Radio 218: Static-X Gonna Give it to Ya


Joe went down South of the border for a spell and things on the podcast got a lil wild in his absence. Jordan spoke with Ken and Tony from Static X to talk about getting the old band back together again, recording “new” old material, and drum students calling Ken “Mister”,  Jordan and Breno got down to the business of talking important business: Gary Holt went on some fuckin’ Boomer rant about shit no one cares about. I mean, does Kevin Hart EVEN DO the Toxic Waltz? / Measuring total snowfall accumulation via butthole / Some weirdos set up a phone line for you to call up and I guess make wild speculations about Oli Herbert’s death / There’s a new best drummer in the world and Breno is very, very excited about it. Turns out you just need to replace a more famous drummer to get nominated. And who the hell is Fever 333? / Andy Williams of Every Time I Die made his wrestling debut with AEW and that kinda rules. / Also, this week’s Slayer prediction. Interview starts at 52:00. 

Oh, and don’t forget to send us Xmas presidents.

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