Toilet Radio 412 – Metal Isn’t Funny


THIS WEEK ON TOILET RADIO: Breno is on a quest to find one (1) funny metal meme, Joe is on a quest to avoid elderly swingers. OTHER TOPICS: David DiSanto and the Vektors got kicked off the stupid metal cruise for being stupider than a metal cruise. The Taakes got CANCELLED from touring Australia! Quick, where’s their GoFundMe and NYTimes editorial??!?! An update on THE BIG SIX, the hottest new band that still doesn’t exist. Breno and Jordan discuss the world of official and unofficial Star Wars-themed bands. We follow up on the most popular metal tracks of 2022 with the assistance of Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal and Octane channels. Trunkariffic! Kerry King is bored and angry because Slayer can’t Slayer no more. Get a hobby!

Music featured on this show:
Animalize – Jungle Dance

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