Track Premiere: Wasted Blood – “Born From Regret”


FFO: Weekend Nachos, Code Orange, Black Breath

About an hour away from Cleveland sits a port town on the mouth of Lake Erie called Ashtabula, Ohio. From that small burgh, 5 young men formed together to create a blend of metallic hardcore that really gets my feets a-spinkickin’. Formed in 2011, Wasted Blood has steadily built up a collection of DIY tours and releases over the last four years. It’s now led them to their finest moment yet, Void, a 12″ dropping next month on Escapist Records. Over the course of 9 tunes in juuuust slightly over 20 minutes, Wasted Blood careen from hardcore, to death metal, to powerviolence (be still, my heart.)

Void was recorded by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios, home of personal favorites Harms Way and Weekend Nachos. The connection to Dekalb, Illinois’ finest export goes even deeper; previously, the band premiered “Black Eyes” featuring John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos over at Bridge Nine. We’re stoked to premier “Born from Regret” here at the Toilet ov Hell. Listen below and try really, really hard not to crowdkill your coworkers.


Void is out November 6th on Escapist Records. Pre-order it (and hear additional siqqq tracks) here, and keep up with Wasted Blood on Facebook. Tell ’em the Toilet sez “Haaaaaaay”.

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