Track Premiere: Moral Putrefaction – “Serpent’s Gaze”


From Medusa’s ‘do to Apep‘s eternal conflict with Ra as his solar barque crosses the sky, serpents and mythology share a long and tangled history. Perhaps less widely known (but no less fearsome) is the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl, or “Feathered Serpent”, often associated with winds, art, and learning. A similar entity lurks on the artwork for Moral Putrefaction‘s self-titled debut, albeit one with a darker set of associations—Namely, blood, sacrifice, and death. The time has come to ascend the step pyramid, meet the “Serpent’s Gaze” and take up pole position with this track premiere.

Riffs are inherently cyclical units, and when they’re short enough, the repetitions coil around listeners, constricting airways with their intensity. “Serpent’s Gaze” begins with such a slew of OSDM vitriol: Pinch harmonics pierce the skin; tremolo guitars slither; blaspbeats writhe. A venomous dissonance flows through the song’s veins, adding a hint of modernity to an otherwise classic death metal sound. As our cells succumb to cytotoxin, necrosis sets in, and with it, the black (mamba) metal influence of the song’s latter half. Ringing minor chords and tapping leads shimmer like scales as we lose touch with our extremities. Speaking of losing touch, guitarist/vocalist Shiva Moorthy had the following to say about the privileged elites of the world:

Following the theme of the other tracks in the album, our first single “Serpent’s Gaze” is about how politicians and people in power lure people with false promises and lies to keep their positions intact.

You can sink your fangs into Moral Putrefaction when it releases independently on May 24th.

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