Unique Leader Records is Destroying the Competition


There is no doubt that 2014 has been an absolutely phenomenal year for death metal. From Artifical Brain to Aborted to Allegaeon, anyone who says it has been a crappy year is wrong and should go bang their head on a wall or something. Amidst all the amazing releases that have been pelting my wallet like demonic hail, there is one record label in particular is kicking major ass: Unique Leader Records. While already synonymous with quality in many a metalhead’s mind, this year in particular has been incredible for them. Let’s take a look at what they have been doing. I am not going to try and give any fancy descriptions of the following bands. Let the music do the talking.

Engineering the Void
The one word that comes to my mind with this band is precision, omg precision:

Near Death Condition
Evolving Towards Extinction
This one seemed to slip under the radar. Solid death metal:

The Barren Throne
Another solid death metal release that seems to have slipped under the radar for the most part:

The Kennedy Veil
Trinity of Falsehood
Another solid tech death release. Love that album art.

Omg this band. Face melting technicality that just keeps you coming back for more. Also, dat double bass:

Inanimate Existence
A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement
As much of an oxymoron as it is, I would describe this band as beautiful tech death. I mean look at that album cover:

The Flesh Prevails (July 22nd)
If I have to describe this band to you or if you somehow don’t know about them, you’re doing it wrong.

Deathscapes of the Subconscious (July 22nd)
These guys put out some sick brutal tech death. I imagine they will go under the radar for many due to releasing the same day as Fallujah. That’s a shame because they are great!


So obviously, Unique Leader has had a kickass year, but why stop there? They have several more aces up their sleeve. Here is what is coming up later this year:

Totalitarian Dystopia (August 19th)
After destroying faces with their Beginning of the End EP, these guys are gearing up to drop their debut album. Fair warning: they’re a tad closer to deathcore than tech death.

Rings of Saturn
Lugal Ki En (October 14th)
Controversy aside, these guys make good music. They haven’t released a new song yet so here is one from their most recent effort.

If that wasn’t enough for you (greedy much?), take some time to check out some of the earlier albums from these bands (Especially Soreption and Fallujah!).

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