Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.37 – C Is For Coffincore


New music from Cloud Rat, Coffins, Cognizance, Coffin Rot, and Carcinoid. We also immediately go off the rails with the new Bill & Ted’s, obscure Batman villains, Hart Foundation x Deicide, solving the Boomer crisis, the Jason Suecof catch-up minute, controversial sporting takes, gun buckets, asbestos pigmen, and I confuse Grover with Gonzo. Possibly the worst thing you’ll hear all week.

Last week we were far more focused, played some new Nile and Updated Metal’s Mascots. Listen to that before you judge us for this.

Music Featured This Week:
Cloud Rat –
‘Wonder’ from Pollinator (out now)
Coffin Rot – ‘Miasma Of Barbarity’ from A Monument To The Dead (out 18/10 on Blood Harvest)
Coffins – ‘Terminate By Own Prophecy’ from Beyond The Circular Demise (out 20/9 on Relapse)
Cognizance – ‘The Organic Citadel’ from Malignant Dominion (out now on Prosthetic)
Carcinoid – ‘Suffering Reborn’ from Metastatic Declination (out 31/10 on Blood Harvest)

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