Track Premiere: Nordic Frost – “A Most Lucid Fever Dream”


With a clatter of calcium, the diviner prepares to look past the present. She speaks a dire warning as cataracts eclipse her eyes: ruinous times approach and you’d do well to mind your surroundings. You leave the den, smirking as you put on your headphones. Nordic Frost‘s “A Most Lucid Fever Dream” accompanies you across the street, all Opethian acoustics and droning cleans—hardly bedlam. You can’t believe your friends made you consult that grifter. A screech; an acrid scent; scarlet pooling on macadam.

Scraping, blackened riffs suddenly erupt from the ether (along with percussive vocals akin to deathcore), but this song is no wreckage of scattered parts. Myriad genres lend their sounds throughout—from morose melodeath à la Be’Lakor to symphonic metal flourishes—and Nordic Frost ensures none of these moments feel like afterthoughts. Remember to look both ways before crossing the street; this band is moving fast and unless you pay attention, your bones may soon be used to foretell the future.

To Make the Acquaintance ov Death releases on Rebel Pyro Music on March 17, 2023. You can befriend these frostyboiz on Zuccbook as well!

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