Flush it Friday: Samuel Bak Appreciation Time


Y’all ever find an amazing artwork online and subsequently a) are unable to find a source for who made it, and b) forget what exactly it looked like? (Might just be an owl thing, we’re wise [Arguable. ~Roldy] not smart!) I dug around for a bit recently looking for a painting I vaguely remember having a World War aesthetic and a host of disfigured faces. I somehow managed to stumble on what I’d lost—the haunting and tragic works of Samuel Bak, a Lithuanian-American painter who survived the Holocaust and later emigrated to the U.S. The painting in question is called The Family (1974), and knowing a bit more about his past, it takes on an even more harrowing aspect:

Click through to visit Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

Allow me a moment to say: fuck Nazis, fuck Neo-Nazis, and fuck NSBM.

Joe TnK and 365 did another episode of Toilet Radio (for the e x p o s u r e):

Toilet Radio 423 – We Jack Off Horses, Get Nothing

Spear premiered the h*qq out of this new tech from Contrarian:

Album Premiere: Contrarian – Sage of Shekhinah

Hans with an absolutely Giant Brain review:

Ramblin’ Review: Giant Brain – Grade A Gray Day

Low calories. Big flavors. MINIS from the Dumplings:

Mini Reviews From Around the Bowl (3/17/23)

Do you have any arts you’ve never been able to find a source for? Let me know below aside your G/B/Us! ~<3 Roldy

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