Track Premiere: Ornamentos del Miedo – “Escapando a Través de la Tierra”

Ornamentos Del Miedo

The genres of death-doom and funeral doom require a certain type of listener. You have to be patient, willing to sit with the music for minutes and hours in order to fall into the story and to experience the slowly unfolding intricacies of the soundscape. The works of the best death-doom bands take you on a journey, one that cannot be rushed.

Spanish death-doom band Ornamentos del Miedo, formed in 2017, captures this sort of epic journey in their music. The band has previously released four full-length albums, and today they premiere a new single ahead of the release of their fifth album in March.

“Escapando a Través de la Tierra,” the fifth and penultimate track from the upcoming album of the same name, clocks in at just over 13 minutes in length. Those 13 minutes take you from hymn-like beauty to crushing heaviness to a soaring end, anchored by the constant pounding of the central riff. The short, fragmented vocals float disembodied over the mix, recalling spirits trying to escape the earth, as the song title suggests.

“‘We are a soul with a corpse on our shoulders’ is the phrase that defines the song that gives the title to the album,” the band says. “[The song] speaks of the body, as the house that will remain empty, as a momentary refuge in which live our hopes, dreams, disappointments, pain, our heaven, our hell and imagines that body after being abandoned. It also refers to the fact of dying as a way out, as a liberation when life becomes a nightmare.”

While this subject matter is heavy, the track ends on an uplifting, hopeful note. The final seconds recall an ascent towards the heavens, a breaking free from the previous constraints of the song.

Escapando a Través de la Tierra will be released on March 15th via Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions. Follow Ornamentos del Miedo on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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