This Toilet Tuesday (2/20/24)


O Bidetzebub, O heated seat ov Hell, warm our derrieres from the depths of your demonic domain. This week we’ve got baby poop, promises from snakes, and amphibian booze metal. Everybody hop in Alvin, it’s a deep, dark abyss under these waves. I’ll see you all in Woods (Corn)Hole!

They Came from Visions – The Twilight Robes (Eisenwald) [Black Metal]

The Twilight Robes emanates an eldritch aura similar to that of Yellow Eyes, albeit with a greater emphasis on melody. Visions of moss-strewn boughs and flickering lights come to mind as tremolo riffs hypnotize with their fluidity and well-worn, muted tones. There’s a ghostliness, an incorporeal quality to the mix and instrumentation that meshes well with the band’s folk horror theme; together with the Medieval artwork and “Equinox Ablaze”‘s chanted cleans, the record feels like a relic of a (more) superstitious age. I’m not sure what’s going on with that goat on the cover, but I’m feeling like its handler having to wait ’til Friday to hear the album in its entirety. -Roldy

Absolon – The Blood Seed (No Life ’til Metal Records) [Power / Heavy Metal]

Alfa Eridano Akhernar – Into the Path of the Gods (American Line Productions) [Blackened Death]

Anubis – Dark Paradise (M-Theory Audio) [Power / Thrash]

Atoll – Inhuman Implants (Unique Leader Records) [Brutal Death / Slam]

Aura Ignis – Marcando tu destino (Independent) [Power / Heavy Metal]

Autumnblaze – Auf zerfetzten Schwingen (Argonauta Records) [Gothic Metal]

Blaze Bayley – Circle of Stone (Blaze Bayley Recordings) [Heavy Metal]

Blood Opera – Songs in the Key of Death (Independent) [Heavy Metal / Hard Rock]

Borknagar – Fall (Century Media Records) [Prog Black / Folk Metal]

Cathubodua – Interbellum (Massacre Records) [Symphonic Folk Metal]

Coltre – To Watch with Hands to Touch with Eyes (Dying Victims Productions) [Speed / Heavy Metal]

Craneium – Point of No Return (The Sign Records) [Stoner Doom]

Cystic/Degraved – Lightless Domain (Iron Lung Records) [Death]

Darkest Hour – Perpetual | Terminal (MNRK Heavy) [Metalcore / Melodeath]

Decrowned – Persona Non Grata (Rockshots Records) [Melodeath]

Defect Designer – Chitin (Transcending Obscurity Records) [Death]

Desolate Tomb – Scorned by Misery (Rottweiler Records) [Blackened Deathcore]

Downwinder – Claws of Despair (Independent) [Death / Crust]

Dust Bolt – Sound & Fury (AFM Records) [Thrash / Groove / Heavy Metal]

Fange – Perdition (Throatruiner Ṙecords) [Death / Industrial / Sludge]

Fetal Sewage – Vengeful Predation (Mortarch Productions) [Death]

Galvornhathol – H-Alpha (Independent) [Post-Black]

Gods & Punks – Mountains of Garbage (Independent) [Space Rock / Stoner Doom]

Gonemage – Spell Piercings (Independent) [Post-Black / Death / Chiptune]

Hammerhedd – Not Important (Independent) [Prog Groove / Thrash]

Hand of Kalliach – Corryvreckan (Prosthetic Records) [Melodeath / Folk Metal]

Headless Dawn – Freakshow Ballet (Into It Records) [Grindcore]

Hecatoncheires – S/T (Deformed Records) [Raw/Lo-Fi Blackened Death]

Immortal Sun – Egyptian Spells (Masters of Kaos Productions) [Blackened Death]

Intolerance – The Death and Its Sleep (Independent) [Prog Black]

Iron Curtain – Savage Dawn (Dying Victims Productions) [Speed /Thrash /Heavy Metal]

Job for a Cowboy – Moon Healer (Metal Blade Records) [Prog/Tech Death]

Karkosa – Esoterrorcult (Redefining Darkness Records) [Blackened Death]

Keres – Homo Homini Lupus (Gruesome Records) [Blackened Death]

Kinoglass – Se A Carapuça Servir (Independent) [Thrash]

Life Cycles – Portal to the Unknown (1126 Records) [Crossover Thrash]

Lèpoka – Dios está borracho (Independent) [Folk Metal]

Madness – Night of 1000 Homicides (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Morbonoct – The Highest Purpose (Independent) [Symphonic Black]

Morta Skuld – Creation Undone (Peaceville Records) [Death]

Mortem Agmen – The Path to the Abyss of Evil (Nachzehrer Records) [Black]

Mountain Throne – The Silver Light (Independent) [Doom / Heavy Metal]

Nemedian Chronicles – The Savage Sword (No Remorse Records) [Power / Heavy Metal]

Offret – Затмение (War Productions) [Black]

Paragon Zero – Hexikon (Neverheard Distro) [Blackened Death]

Pyra – Those Who Dwell in the Fire (Immortal Frost Productions) [Blackened Death]

Púca – Fullmoon Carnage (Moonworshipper Records) [Punk / Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Rectoplasm – Liquifying Brutality (Independent) [Brutal Death / Slam]

Satra – Sand of Time (M & O Music) [Symphonic Metal]

Serpents Oath – Revelation (Odium Records) [Black]

Skuggor – Whispers of Ancient Spells (Naturmacht Productions) [Atmoblack]

Skyrmisher – Violent Onslaught (Independent) [Melodeath / Thrash]

Smorrah – Welcome to Your Nightmare (Sick Taste Records) [Thrash]

Sorg – Philosophia Vitae Et Mortis (Independent) [DSBM]

Stiriah – Portal (Crawling Chaos) [Symphonic Black]

Stygian Crown – Funeral for a King (Cruz del Sur Music) [Doom / Heavy Metal]

Terminal Sanity – Attest (Soulgrinder Records) [Death]

Theragon – Lumina (Thornado Music) [Symphonic Power]

Toadliquor – Back in the Hole (Southern Lord Recordings) [Sludge / Doom]

Toby Knapp – Transmission to Purgatory (Moribund Rockers!) [Thrash / Instrumental Shred]

Toxikull – Under the Southern Light (Dying Victims Productions) [Speed / Heavy Metal]

Traveler – Prequel to Madness (No Remorse Records) [Heavy Metal]

Triste Séjour – Affamé (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Unburier – Nebulous (Independent) [Tech Death / Thrash]

Valkyria – Indómito (Maldito Records) [Power / Heavy Metal]

Vincent Crowley – Anthology of Horror (Hammerheart Records) [Symphonic Death/Doom]

Vircolac – Veneration (Dark Descent Records) [Death]

Whiteabbey – Words That Form the Key (Metalapolis Records) [Symphonic Metal]

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