Track Premiere: Stheno – SNAFU


Laying waste to the past.

The last the world heard of Greek then-grindcore act Stheno was their 2017 split with Facada. Four years later, their upcoming record Wardance erases nearly every trace of those simpler times: no more frolicking d-beats or occasional punk mannerisms. In their place, the album presents a barrage of blasts and tremolo riffs so relentlessly brutal and cold that the older material feels like a stroll through a meadow. We’re happy to give you a taste of their “sonic hooliganism for cool people”, as they call it, with an exclusive stream of the track “SNAFU (This time, we die!)”.

The scene depicted in the song sees a small platoon of WW2 soldiers wiped out by an overwhelming enemy. Lyrically and especially musically, that should sound familiar to some – the band doesn’t make it a secret that Panzer Division Marduk was a huge influence when the album was written. And it shows, as track after track mercilessly clobbers you into a pulp, barely ever letting up on the assault. The one grindcore element that remains are the song lengths, which average at about two minutes, making Wardance a quick killer that leaves little but scorched earth in its wake.

Wardance will blitzkireg your ass on October 8th via 7 Degree Records. Pre-order digital and vinyl here and here.


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