Flush It Friday: Birthday Dad Edition


You’ll cowards don’t even Dad.


In spite of my long-time stance on catastrophic overpopulation, constant financial uncertainty under the invisible hand fist of rampant neo-liberalism, and the ever-looming threat of buying a pair of white New Balance shoes, tucking in my t-shirt and spending my entire weekend loitering in chain hardware store aisles, I’m really enjoying the first year since becoming a Dad.


Railing up a line of hair. That would probably be bad.


Last time I Flushed the week away with you I embedded a Chilean death metal band featuring the South American equivalent of MVD on vocals, and as is the nature of the Chilean metal scene I’ve found yet another band that is just throwing down raw riffage for us to sink our teeth into. However, this time they’re more on the blackened side of the spectrum. Myst‘s style could be described as spectral, if only it wasn’t for the cold and tangible breath that rushes past your neck with the culmination of every refrain. Ghastly vocals adorn riffs that sound like a primal common ancestor of Gloam and Predatory Light. (Stream starts with a standard skip-able spoopy 2 minute ambient intro)

Now it’s your turn. Tell us all about your life, and other people’s lives. Even people you haven’t met. Be explicit in detail. We will make sure everyone not only reads, but memorises, every single paragraph you type. Don’t hold back. GO!


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