Tuesday Night Open Swim – Guitarmony Edition


I’m a simple man. I like my beer domestic, my house pets domestic, and my guitarmonies WILD. Every song by every band, it doesn’t matter the genre, should have every guitar line harmonized with another guitar. And then another if you can. But not more than that; that’s too many guitars. At this point you would have clarity issues and the additional manpower would make touring prohibitively expensive.

Look man, if there’s anything in this world sweeter than two guitars harmonizing with each other I don’t even want to know what it is. There should be tomes of poetry written in homage to the wonder of guitarmonies and then those tomes should be tossed into a fireplace because poetry is stupid and guitarmonies are SICK. I’d love nothing more than to rhapsodize endlessly about the glory of the guitarmony, the kinship of two guitarists guitarmonizing, the widdly widdly weee meeting the diddly diddly dooo; sadly it is late and I’ve got work to do.

So let’s get to it: tonight is an open swim! Talk amongst yourselves. I leave you with some of our favorite guitarmonies.

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