Flush It Friday: Big Riffy Anime GF


It is the time for the Flush.

GOOD: Imagine if someone actually put thrash and power metal together, how sweet would that be? Like, actually put them together, and not just take thrash to mean galloping chug riffs every six seconds like Some Schaffer, but, like, actually. Someone who’d actually take fun, engaging thrash riffs and throw soaring guitarmonies over them, and stuff every nook, cranny and vocal-line with Euro-power styled hooks. That’s be pretty damn good, right!? And hey, maybe, if like, on a few songs, they’d throw in a little melodeath influence – the Gothenburg scene was essentially just bands trying to meld the two together while failing to sound like either – and some harsh vocals in a way that never feels demeaning or forced, and serves the songs, which around 99% bands doing this completely fail at. And all for literally no other reason than to flex at literally everybody else with how much better they are than literally everybody else.

How. Sweet. Would. That. Be. Man?

As it turns out, extremely. For lo, and behold, that band is Paladin from the fabled lost city of Atlanta. And you need to give them your time. All of it.

BAD: There’s always a downside, ain’t there? There just has to be one. What’s the most usual ones, the length? Well Ascension does run for almost 50 minutes, but each of them is very much engaging, and the band keeps their palette varied making for plenty of difference between songs, so that’s not it. And the songwriting can hardly be blamed for lack of ambition either, as no song seems to runs on just one or two ideas. But there’s always something bad. It’s never just about the good times and you already know it.



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