Video Premiere: The Last King – Ancient Master

The Last King Ancient Master

Obey your ancient master.

It’s time to bend the knee for some technical deathcore. Massachusetts’s The Last King grace us with their new video for the song Ancient Master. It’s a solid blend of deathcore brutishness and tech death wizardry. You’ll be throwing down in the royal court, spinkicking with dukes and duchesses, and bodyslamming a jester through ye olde merch table.

The band says:

“We hope you enjoy horror movies with your technical death metal. Ancient Master is a track inspired entirely by the modern horror film “The Collector” as the music video aligns directly with the film’s plot. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing bandmates kill each other off in heroic fashion? The Last King has swung for the fences with this one in hopes of entertaining both your ears and eyes through their horror themed music!”



The Last King’s album Culling From Gods will be released in 2024. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and grab some merch here.

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