Neurotic November – Truth About You: A Video Breakdown


The truth hurts… specifically our eyes and ears.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with lowest-common denominator music. Sometimes you just need something to bob your head to or something to have on in the background. Whatever helps get you through leg day, right brah? There is something wrong, though, with music that may make you stupider just by listening to it.

Neurotic November are a deathcore/electronic/everything you love is dead band from Miami. I’d rather call them “The Pride Of Victory Records”. I bestow such a title on them just so people are aware that Victory is miles away from the label they used to be 20-25 years ago. At least I understood the label’s shift towards bands like Taking Back Sunday and Hawthorne Heights. Kids that spend that much money on bad sleeve tattoos, piercings, and swoopy Zelda haircuts will definitely spend money on music. We already know that deathcore fans will spend money on garbage. This stuff, though. I don’t know man. I’m not quite at the “get off my lawn” stage of my life, but this is definitely pushing me into the “What the hell is wrong with kids these days” category.

Am I overreacting? Is this band an insult to band’s with slightly similar names like Neurosis, Neuraxis, and Novembers Doom? Take a look at Neurotic November’s latest video for the song “Truth About You” and decide for yourself.


0:03: Fuck my life.
0:07: Nothing says “Riding large” like a white Econoline.
0:09: I always wondered what happened to art-school amateur porn sets when they finished filming
0:13: Ill Nino would like their hair back please.
0:19: Whatever they paid you to be in this video, it wasn’t worth it.
0:21: Holy shit! It’s real life Hipster Ariel!
0:24: Pledge Week is the worst.
0:29: You never hear someone being called “A piece of shit full of worth”. Just an observation.
0:30: I wonder if his mouth sparks when he brushes his teeth. If he brushes his teeth.
0:36: That’s the face of someone who just finished eating at Golden Corral.
0:39: Come on, second-hand smoke. Do your job!
0:44: Weeeeeeee!
0:49: Well this got dark quickly.
0:53: Those are some Aversion Crown-worthy plugs.
0:57: Neurotic Novembers’s albums aren’t released, they escaped.
1:03: So what is exactly happening? Can we get a light or something?
1:07. He’s got more metal in his moth than Jaws from “The Spy Who Loved Me”.
1:08: Good. Please end my misery.
1:11: I wonder if they’ve ever gotten their dreads tangled and needed someone to cut them loose.
1:15: This is either a kidnapping or the Patriots just scored a touchdown and Sully, Murph & Patty are expressing their love for each other.
1:18: Surprisingly, wearing those contacts are low on his “regrets” list.
1:24 It could be drug paraphernalia. It could be weapons. It could also be Monopoly pieces. It’s too dark to tell.
1:30. Their encore should just be the vocalist chewing on a piece of aluminum foil.
1:32: What a waste of Ragu.
1:41: They have to have neck problems. They just have to.
It’s like someone took an Emmure record and a King 810 and went, “Man, we can make this way stupider!”
1:50: This is making me dislike the month of November.
1:56: Which is a shame because November has hockey, football, and pumpkin pie.
2:03: Sure would be great if we could, y’know, see what the bloody fuck is going on!
2:09: This may be the closest we ever get to a Neurotic November solo
2:15: Neurotic November’s album isn’t going gold or platinum. It’s going tin and sheet rock.
2:19: He’s either acting or is really gassy.
2:26: Weeeeeeeeee!
2:32: Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
2:38: Splashy splashy.
2:44: I refuse to believe that someone directed this video.

Neurotic November’s album Fighting Words is out now by Victory Records.

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