Washington Think Tank with W.: What is the best metal/non-metal collaboration?


The other day, my good pal Leif Bearikson and I were splitting a picnic basket he had swiped from some campers in a certain national park when the question of metal collaborations arose. He asked if I had heard the recent collaboration between Scott Walker and Sunn O))), and, upon hearing that I had not, he produced a boom box from one of his furry pockets. We proceed to jam the album, filling the tranquil forest clearing where we typically take our lunch dates with a bizarre and befuddling noise. Strange operatic vocals singing about testicles over drone metal created quite the racket and scared all the cute and curious woodland denizens away. Much like my bear-at-arms, I can’t say I disliked the music; it was just odd and bit disorienting. This brings me to my question of the week.

Today’s Question: What is the best metal/non-metal collaboration?

There have been quite a few noteworthy collaborations over the years of established metal musicians recording with decidedly non-metal performers. Just this year The Body released a cooperative with bizarre electronic maestro Haxan Cloak, as seen below in Exhibit B. Although the effort isn’t exactly metal, it definitely still fits into the canon of heavy music, and if I’m not mistaken, our own Edward is a big fan. Another intriguing release was the joint effort between Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers and Mastodon, seen in Exhibit C. Again, this isn’t exactly metal, but it could definitely get your blood pumping. Lastly, there was that super out-of-left-field guest appearance by Xzibit on a Within Temptation track, shown in Exhibit D. It’s difficult to call that song good by any sort of metal standard, but, if I’m being honest, I can’t claim that I don’t dig it.

Exhibit A – Scott Walker/Sunn O))) – Soused

Exhibit B – The Body/Haxan Cloak – “Hail to Thee, Everlasting Pain”

Exhibit C – Mastodon/Gibby Haynes – “Atlanta”

Exhibit D – Within Temptation/Xzibit – “And We Run”

So, flushmigos, what are your favorite collaborations between uncouth metalheads and their washed co-conspirators from different genres? If you could force any non-metal artist to work with any metal band, what strings would you pull? Sound off in the comments below.

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