Stream: Let Perpetratör’s Altered Beast Clean Out Your Head


Y’all ready for some early spring cleaning?

Dwelling, as many of us here do, on the… uh… underbelly of the metal scene, I hear a lot of music that makes use of shoddy production as a means to create atmosphere. Nothing wrong with that; it’s often very effective (and sometimes comical). However, every once in a while, it’s good to have a bit of a head cleanser. Something to blow away the dust and mold. Something fresh, loud, and punchy. Remember that episode of Rocko’s Modern Life where he gets his teeth cleaned and then in the end they tell him that his brain is dirty, too? That one originally ended with Rocko listening to Perpetratör. True story.

I mean, just look at that logo. Perfectly designed to get into all the nooks and crannies and give the inside of your noggin a good scraping. But Perpetratör are not just up for the task aesthetically. On their sophomore Altered Beast, they waste no time, promptly unscrewing your head from your unwashed neck to give it a proper shakedown. Sharp guitars go to town on your cranium like steel wire brushes, mercilessly excavating lint and pennies and balled-up receipts from the folds of your grey matter. Tight drumming unerringly knocks loose cobwebs and ground-in dirt from the walls of your skull. Snarling vocals sweep through like a gust of wind, blowing out kernels of grime and chunks of earwax.

Informed by the Teutonic school of Cleansing Thrash (I’d say Destruction make their influence felt in particular), Perpetratör go about their job with surgical precision, yet stop a good way short of being squeaky clean. Instead of dousing your head with Febreze and Glade, these guys will leave behind their own distinct odor of evil and chaos. Might be a whiff of beer and cigarettes in there, as well; this is thrash, after all.

Altered Beast will be released via Caverna Abismal on January 31st. Get it on CD or Tape via the label’s Bandcamp, then head on over to Facebook and give Perpetratör a like. Then listen to them again because you’ve been on Facebook, which means you could do with another brain cleaning.

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