Wednesday Open Swim + Some News & Shit


A few things happened yesterday that we didn’t quite get to.

— First, Nightbringer dropped another new single from their upcoming album, Ego Dominus Tus. A few weeks back, I was talking about how much “Et Nox Illuminatio Mea In Deliciis Meis” (fuck typing that) ruled, and now you can stream the almost-as-good “I Am The Gateway” at Invisible Oranges. Vocalist ar-Ra’d al-Iblis a.k.a. Carl says:

“The lyrics deal with the revelation of the higher self in the vision and communion with the absolute other. The diabolic and daimonic brother who is met at the edge of borders into the Unknown. It speaks of the pact between self and non-self, manifest and transcendental, spoken and the unthinkable. Met in the circle of pacts, these two principles coming together in the daring of facing each other reveals the mystical peaks of the magical arts.”

Listen to the song and some of that might make some sense. But probably not because it’s gibberish.

— Next, death metal legends Obituary finally dropped the first single from their upcoming album, Inked In Blood. Most of you have probably already heard it, but here it is for all of you slowpokes. I’m looking out for you. The critical reception of “Visions in My Head” seems to be all over the place, but I’m of the opinion that this song is not a song from Slowly We Rot  OR Cause of Death,  so I’m not all that impressed. Are you?

— Last but not least, this is an open swim. So talk about anything you want. What’s going on with you toileteers? I had a dream last night that I was dragging a dead body out of the local mall and a cop in the parking lot saw me. What does that mean? Probably too much Rancharito’s too late at night.

I like you guys.

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