Sunday Sesh: Let’s Get Spoopy


Greetings and welcome back to the Sunday Sesh. I hope you’ve come with a big appetite for carbs, because today we’re talking about pasta. Creepypasta, that is.

Like many of you cats, I’ve been a fan of horror movies for many a year now. If you’ve been following my series covering horror shorts with the inimitable Leif Bearikson, you’re likely well aware of how much I enjoy the unique thrill of spooky movies.

What you may not know, though, is how much I love horror literature. In junior high I found myself mesmerized by the romantic malice of Edgar Allan Poe, but it was really cracking open my first collection of H. P. Lovecraft short stories my freshman year of college that drew me into the darkness betwixt worlds like a man hypnotized. Since first reading of Harry Houdini’s daring adventure beneath the pyramid, I have been utterly enamored by the peculiar tension and brooding fear that only a good short, horrific story can craft.

As I’ve gotten older and find myself spending more and more time on the computer for work, digesting the unique use of the online medium deployed through internet short scary stories (the aptly named creepypastas) has become a favorite pastime for distracting myself from other responsibilities for short periods. Though there have been a number of creepypastas I have loved (Bloodstains being one of the most ingenious of the bunch), my attention of late has been captured by The Dionaea House, suggested to me by the magnanimous Stockhausen. The series follows a bizarre murder and the unraveling of spirit centered around a ramshackle house that may very well be the gateway to Dis. I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far and look forward to plumbing the mysterious depths even more.

So, what are some of your favorites creepypastas? Do you have any good skinwalker stories? Let me know in the comments below.

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