Death Grips Surprised Us With A New Song “Hot Head” on Saturday


The band that loves fucking with everybody is back, fucking with everybody. Is this the first track from their upcoming LP Bottomless Pit?

I’ve had the chance to cover Death Grips for this site several times, much to the dismay of many of our readers. Their 2015 album Jenny Death was one of my favorites of last year, and many thought it was a return to form for the group after Government Plates and the first half of The Powers That B, Niggas on the Moon (I have retroactively fallen in love with both of those albums since the release of Jenny Death). I also had the chance to see a surreal live performance from Death Grips last year, which was personally redemptive since I missed their last tour due to an unreliable friend and a sold out show.

The band released their The Powers That B double album and embarked on a sold-out nationwide tour after they broke up. It shouldn’t be surprising that out of nowhere Third World, Death Grips dropped “Hot Head” on Saturday.


“Hot Head” is a logical continuation of “Death Grips 2.0”. The band continue to show their love for lightning fast break beats, alternating between revved up noise effects and a wobbly, drunken synth. MC Ride continues his nonsensical trajectory by trying to keep time with the breaks and offering a repeated chorus rhyming self inflicted, hells existed, and know my business over the wobbles. While the band has offered no explanation for the song’s release, “Hot Head” could be an indication about the next stage of development for the band, essentially them becoming Death Grips 2.0. Check it out above, and stay tuned right here for upcoming news about Bottomless Pit.

Cover image via (credit to Jon Behm at Reviler, from DG’s First Avenue performance)

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