What’s In Your 6-Disc Changer 2: Judgment Day


In September of 2016 I asked y’all, What’s In Your Six-Disc Changer? I know that not everyone has a six disc changer in his or her car, but it makes for a fun discussion topic. Here is the game: which six albums would you keep on your person (car, Walkman, record player, Zune) for the next coupla weeks? For me, it’s which six CD’s do I keep in the car until I get motivated enough to change some – or all – of them out. There are no restrictions of course; but choose wisely, as in mix a few classics in there (or even a crowd-pleaser or two). Here, I’ll show you mine, and then explain each one…

  1. YesFragile (1971). This here was a heckin’ siqq find at a local record store, and for less than five bucks too! Background: I grew up in a household where nerdy bands like Yes and Rush were considered contraband, so as a kid I steered away from them because I was told that “they suck”. (Boy were my parents wrong about that one. Alas, the “nerdy” qualifier holds true.) A few months ago I was introduced to one of the greatest songs ever composed, and so I had to make this album mine. That song? You guessed it, “South Side of the Sky”…
    Either you’re already a Yes fan and own this album, or you’ve never heard of them and are about to have your mind blown (third option: you’re my parents, in which case plz start liking good music). You can find Fragile literally anywhere… or you can head over to Ultimate Classic Rock to see how they rank the band’s discography (it’s high up there). There is a reason that hipsters wear shirts with this album cover on them, it’s because they’re great! For your consideration: candidate for Riff ov Eternity (guitar AND bass) located on “South Side of the Sky” at 0:55.
  2. Dying FetusReign Supreme (2012). Dying Fetus have recently released a new album, and it’s a banger (review coming soon). To help get pumped for Wrong One With Which to Fuck I dug up my old physical copies to listen to over and over again in the car. …Blaring out of the stock Bose component speakers, windows down of course. “The Blood of Power” is one terrific track.
  3. Dying FetusDescend Into Depravity (2008). See above. Another great release by the band (fun fact: this is the first Dying Fetus album I purchased on its release date.) Listen to “Shepherd’s Commandment” if you enjoy death metal which reduces uncomfortable normies to ashes.
  4. AbortedRetrogore (2016). This is a repeat from last time. I’m pretty sure this is in my player because I was intending load up Global Flatline, but the CD was missing from the digipak case 🙁
  5. AuroraEos / Sadiam (1999). Shout out to St. Louis’s Music Record Store who had both Fragile and THIS HERE GEM from Aurora. I wrote a Porcelain Throne article about this Danish melodic death metal band several years ago. They were one of my early college music discoveries, and back then I had tons of difficulty finding all of their music, not only in physical format but also in MP3 (yay for college campus Internet file sharing). And here we are a decade later, I accidentally stumble upon a used copy of the album at a local record store. Huzzah!
  6. Lazer/WulfThe Beast of Left and Right (2014). I always try to keep at least one CD in the car which doesn’t cause uncomfortable normies in the backseat to wretch. With this CD it just so happens to be pretty dang good, and many non-metalheads actually enjoy it! In one of my first blog posts here, I reviewed the album and did a quick interview with the band. I really really really wish they would announce new music, or at least tour in St. Louis (although I cannot blame them for the latter).

So that’s what’s in my car right now, and will be there for another few weeks. Telling you about my collection was only half the fun, I want to know what each of you Disqus people have to say about it. Which six albums are you going to keep on your person for a few weeks? Don’t ruin your list with a bunch of Van Halen or Limp Bizkit. Or do, it’s your call. If you need to borrow any cool CD’s, just let me know.

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