I Sense Darkness in Your Future, Pt. III: Nightbringer


I sense more darkness in your future…

Colorado’s Nightbringer has always dished out a particularly cacophonous brand of black metal, nursing straight from the tar-dripping teat of Baphomet alongside Deathspell Omega and Dodecahedron with a fixed determination to eschew even the faintest notion of accessibility. Now, a brand new scary-Latin-titled song from their upcoming scary-Latin-titled album, Ego Dominus Tus, is streaming over at Stereogum.

Surprisingly, “Et Nox Illuminatio Mea In Deliciis Meis” foregoes much of their trademark dissonance, focusing instead on a concentrated hellblast of deranged quasi-melody slightly more approachable – but no less evil – in nature. Everything is enshrouded in a thick, viscous synth-driven ambience and accompanied by the awfully convincing vocals of the infernal ar-Ra’d al-Iblis (real name Carl). His inhuman snarling melds with bending, contorted leads at 2:25, and the result is absolutely diabolical. It’s hair-raisingly evocative and undeniably sinister. This song just made Ego Dominus Tus my most anticipated release, people.

Enough drivel! The only reason I’d ever go to Mexico is to buy Bubbaloo in bulk. Likewise, you’re here for one reason – to stream this thing. Blast this and tell me what you think about it – and it better be good!

Season of Mist is dropping Ego Dominus Tus on September 30. Don’t miss it.


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